Ciliary Body Ablation Procedures

The ciliary body is responsible for secretion of aqueous humour (the fluid which maintains IOP and Nourishes various structures of the eye).
There are times when the IOP cannot be controlled with all possible treatment oral and topical treatment. Such eyes usually have No visual potential like absolute glaucoma with No projection of light vision.

Treatment Modalities:-

  • 1. Cyclocryotherapy
  • 2. Cyclophotocoagulation with diode laser (CPC diode)

Such eyes are not good candidates for incisional surgery like trabeculectomy or even shunt surgeries.


Peribulbar or a Retrobulbar local anaesthetic is given followed by 17-19 applications placed 270* around the limbus, with a power of 1.5 – 2W and duration of 2 seconds. Post cyclodestruction pain may be substantial. The procedure may result in prolonged hypo tony, pain inflammation cystoid macular oedema and even phthisis bulbi.

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