Classification & Types Of Cataract Surgery

Eyes are important parts of our body. The world around us and its beauty cannot be seen without our eyes. It is very necessary that we take precaution to safeguard our eyes from any complications. One of the eye problems that are commonly detected among people in the past century is the cataract. This is an eye disease, the distortion of the vision which is created by the cloudiness of the lens. The eye lens focus is disturbed and no clear image appears of the object because of the light is allowed to pass through the retina.
There are different types of cataracts. Each one is unique and is different from the other, so they have to treat it according to the need. The identification of this is done by the Ophthalmologists under two criteria: location and origin.

Cataracts Classified by Location

On the basis of the location of the clouding of the eye’s lens:
Nuclear sclerotic
Posterior subcapsular

Cataracts Classified by Origin:

It is caused by ageing is mostly based on origin. The average age for it is during your 60s or 70s, there are possibilities of contracting it at an earlier age too.
There are types of it classified by origin:

Types of eye cataract surgery:
1. Extracapsular
2. Intracapsular
3. Lens replacement

Extracapsular: It is a treatment by removing the lens of the eye. It is an old technique. When it is hard the treatment is done. It is done through a 10-12 incision. One common kind of extracapsular in cataract surgery is the phacomulsification in the usage of ultrasound technology is used. The intracapsular is done by the removal of the lens of the eyes and its surrounding lens capsules. Most of the doctors don’t recommend this treatment because complications in this technique are plenty. Is this method, a large incision is required because the whole lens has to be removed, thus, complications are tend to be occured.

Cyroextraction is a kind of intracapsular surgery in which to freeze the lens liquid nitrogen is used.

The last one is the eye replacement in cataract surgery in India. Studies have found that this method it is found successful since majority of the patients who have gone through it and they get rid of their contact lenses. After the cataract has been removed, in this the lens is being replaced by an intraocular lens. Implantation is another name for it. The intraocular lens is being implanted through a small incision or an enlarged incision.

However, past studies and surveys have proved that people thought that treating it was very difficult. With the up gradation of the medical technology, it isn’t a problem anymore and the treatment has immensely progressed leaps and bounds. After the treatment, it has been noticed that some patients can develop a second one but the treatment for it is done much more easily. It can be removed by a laser treatment which is not time consuming. The treatment that is given to the patients is less taxing and the outcome is quite result oriented. If proper precaution is taken at the stage of post surgery than the patient gets complete relief from the diseases.

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