Eye Care During Holi

Wishing you a very Happy and Safe Holi !

Eye is one of the vital organs of the body and any eye injury even small is of concern to everybody.

Holi is just round the corner and everybody is gearing up to enjoy the riot of colours.

Colours : Which are so bright and attractive have high chemical content and can do a lot of damage especially to the eyes and skin.

Colours when splashed into the eye can cause irritation, redness, sensitivity to light, watering and blurred vision (Due to chemicals in the colour).

Balloons filled with water: when thrown from a height or with force can injure the eye very badly.

Even a small injury to the eye can be vision threatening. Some safety tips :

  • Avoid synthetic colours, use home-made or organic colours . Prevent colours from going in to the eye.
  • If any colour goes into the eye, wash the eye immediately with clean water .
  • Don’t throw balloons. They can cause very serious damage to eyes.
  • Do not use any eye medications on your own.
  • In case of pain/reduction of vision/persistent redness or watering, consult an eye doctor immediately.
  • Wish you a bright and colorful Holi. Celebrate gently and carefully and keep your eyes safe and healthy.

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