Femto LASIK is also Femto Second Intralase LASIK or BLADE-FREE ALL-LASER LASIK (iLASIK)
Rushabh is a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction procedures (LASIK). We take immense pride in introducing the 5th generation “INTRALASE-FEMTOSECOND LASER” technology. This is the same revolutionary technology that is used by NASA and the US AIR FORCE to rectify Refractive errors of its astronauts and fighter pilots.
In traditional LASIK, a flap of corneal tissue is created with Micro – Keratome. Once the flap is created and folded back, a second laser called the excimer laser reshapes the underlying corneal tissue to correct any vision abnormalities.
For people who are seeking an alternative to the traditional LASIK incision (with blades) or who may be afraid to have a blade cut their cornea, the state of the art femtosecond laser, Intralase, is now available for the laser vision correction at Rushabh Eye Hospital.

Intralase is Speedy , Stable , Precise and Safe.

What is the IntraLase Method?

The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade free approach to creating the corneal flap, the thin flap of tissue that the doctor folds back in order to perform the LASIK procedure of the patient.
The biggest difference is that more patients achieved vision that is 6/6 (20/20) or better when their LASIK procedure is performed with the Intralase method as it the most advanced technology available.
Patients also report better quality of vision overall, particularly in terms of their ability to see well in low light such as dusk or at night. The reason for this lies in the way Intralase works

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