How LASIK Surgery Works

Learning how LASIK works is important for those who have chosen to have the corrective procedure, but it is also important to follow tips for preparing for Lasik surgery. Preparing for the surgery properly can reduce recovery time and offers a better chance of success.

Contact Lenses
For those who wear contact lenses, it is recommended that you stop wearing them before your baseline evaluation and switch to wearing glasses full time baseline evaluation is known as Pre-Lasik check up where Lasik surgeon will check whether you are eligible for lasik surgery or no? You need to stop wearing contact lens 5 days prior to baseline check up. Because contact lenses change the shape of cornea, even several weeks after you stop wearing them, not leaving your contact lenses out long enough so that your cornea can return to its natural shape could lead to inaccurate measurements and a poor surgical plan. Because these measurements determine how much of the cornea needs to be removed, doctors often repeat the measurements at least a week after your initial evaluation and before surgery to be sure there has not been any change. This is critical to how LASIK works, as removal of the wrong amount of tissue could result in a poor outcome. Soft contact lens wearers should stop using them for two weeks, toric soft or rigid gas permeable lens wearers should stop using them for at least three weeks, and hard lens wearers should stop wearing them for at least four weeks before the initial evaluation.

Talk To Your Doctor
Be sure to tell your doctor of any past or present eye conditions, all medications you take, including over-the-counter medications, and any allergies you have. Your doctor should not only be able to explain thoroughly how LASIK works, but also determine if you are a good candidate, what the risks, benefits, and alternatives are, what to expect before, during and after surgery, and what your responsibilities are during those times. The day before Lasik surgery, stop using all creams, lotions, makeup, and perfumes, as these products can leave debris on the eyelashes and increase the chance of infection.

Types of Methods of Lasik Surgery:-

With an increase in technology there are many methods available. Understanding everything from Lasik surgeon is important and you should know all advantages and disadvantages of method and then only one should decide which method is suitable of you. Because eyes are very sensible part of our body. You should ask your doctor for a video presentation or video of methods available for Lasik surgery and you should also do research on your own before deciding the metho


Arrange for transportation to and from your surgery and your first follow-up visit. Although you may be awake during the surgery, your doctor may give you medication to help you relax, so you will need someone to drive you home. The medication to relax you is part of how LASIK works, as it will keep you calm and reduce the chance of blinking or jerking during the surgery.

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