A blunt trauma to the eye especially with a cricket ball (rather than a football) can be the cause of unilateral glaucoma. The patient usually presents with blurring of vision and pain with tearing following a blunt trauma, either with a ball or with a fist in the affected eye. The vision is usually decreased with or without high intraocular pressure. There is usually a hephaema with a deep anterior chamber and sphincter tears. The patient recovers after treatment with Topical steroids. On follow up visit the gonioscopy may show Angle recession in one or more quadrants. Such a patient stands a very high chance of developing Angle recession or post traumatic glaucoma. This patient should be followed up over a period of one month, 3 months, yearly to check the IOP & optic Nerve head. The earliest signs should be noted and treatment should be started to save the optic Nerve from the harmful effects of glaucoma.

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