Treatment of Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

We all have tears which are produced continuously by lacrimal glands. These tears are drained by the system of ducts which is called as Naso lacrimal duct. These ducts begin as a small opening near our eyelids and drain into lateral part of our nose. This is normal anatomy, but when problems occur during the developmental early year’s of our life, this anatomy is distorted. When this happens with Naso lacrimal duct since birth it is called as congenital Naso lacrimal duct obstruction. Such is the case when the child has watering, discharge, and matting of eyelashes since birth. Watering tends to occur continuously even when the child is not crying, as the outflow of the duct drainage is not occurring into the nose, the obstructed tears overflow and appears as if the eyes are filled with water and this leads to secondary infections which produces discharge.

To treat Congenital Naso lacrimal duct obstruction timely consultation and intervention by paediatric ophthalmologist is very important. Using eyedrops alone will not be helpful and hence one should not lose the precious developmental years which are essential for the successful outcome. If treated in the early months of life best results might be achieved even without invasive procedures, but in case of the late presentation treatment and treatment modalities differ.

At Rushabh Eye Hospital treatment of Congenital Naso Lacrimal Duct Obstruction is available. The Treatment procedure are massage, probing and syringing, and surgery.

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