Once diagnosed with glaucoma, various Modalities of treatment are available for treatment. The main aim of treatment is reduction of intraocular pressure(IOP). The treating doctor decides what IOP is best suited for a particular patient.

The clinician then starts eye drops to reduce the pressure. Once the IOP reaches a permissible limit the therapy is continued on a lifelong basis with regular monitoring of IOP, field of vision and OCT of optic Nerve head every 4-6 months. Lasers may also be advised if the treating Doctor feels the need. Sometimes all the Medications prescribed may not be enough to control the IOP, in such cases surgery is advised. Surgery may be solely for glaucoma or may be combined with cataract surgery depending on the presence or absent of cataract.

Trabeculectomy is the preferred surgery advised. At times when the inflammatory response is too much the Trabeculectomy may not work, requiring multiple surgeries and sometimes use of shunts.

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