What is Paediatric ophthalmology and who is paediatric ophthalmologists ?

Children are not same as small adults. And hence eye disorders in children are not the same as adults, and cannot be treated in the same way as adults. The major difference between adults eyes and children’s eye is the ongoing development, whereas adults development is over, here we are dealing with a mature eye . child’s eye which is still in the phase of development respond differently from that of mature adult eye. As per the phase of development children’s eyes encounter different developmental as well as metabolic disturbances and get affected which needs different approach from that of mature eyes. In children’s eyes time is of essence, as treatment done at an early stage of development will lead to good outcome as against delayed treatment in which precious time of development is lost and may lead to undesirable outcomes.
Paediatric ophthalmologist is a super speciality doctor, who is specifically trained to deal with children
eyes. Training lasts for 1 ½ to 2 years after completion of post-graduation in ophthalmology. Paediatric
ophthalmologists clinic is equipped with special paediatric equipments which are different from adult eye equipments. And so is the clinic which has child friendly environment and is loaded with toys. As we know children are unable to understand a problem and neither can they communicate and hence they suffer. Paediatric ophthalmologists is a doctor who is specially trained to deal with newborns, infants and children so that developmental eye and vision problems are recognised are recognised and are treated as early as possible so that normal developmental process can proceed .

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