In a recent scientific report published by, which considered the “impact of ‘natural blind spot location’ on perimetry“, The natural blind spot location (NBSL) represents an absolute scotoma in the visual field (VF) induced by the area of the optic disc on the retina, which lacks the light detecting cells. NBSL is routinely measured

Babies and toddlers love playing with smartphones and tablets, and quickly get the hang of them. When you’re a busy parent, it is easier to keep your baby or young child entertained while you cook the dinner or finish a car journey. You may also feel it’s important for your child to get a head

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Every Child should have an Eye Exam by age 3 years. HAS YOUR CHILD? Vision Screening Recommendations Age Tests Referral Criteria Comments Newborn to 12 months Ocular history Vision assessment External inspection of the eyes and lids Ocular motility assessment Pupil examination Red reflex examination Infants who do not track well after 3 months of

Beta blockers are the oldest known drugs used for the treatment of Glaucoma. Topical beta blockers like Timolol, Levobunolol act by blocking sympathetic nerve endings in the ciliary epithelium, thereby reducing the aqueous production. Timolol blocks both beta 1 and beta 2 receptors while Betaxolol is Cardioselectivve and block only Beta receptors. Beta blockers should

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