Facilities for International Patients

Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center Pvt. Ltd.is State of the art Eye Center treating patients with Eye Disorders from throughout India, USA, UK, Australia, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, East Africa and Middle East. International patients are provided facilities and services that include help with to choose type of surgery suitable for them, Cost of surgery involved, Visa, Airport transfers, Comfortable and select accommodation & interpreter services. A dedicated international desk ensures that all international patients get the very best of Rushabh and India. Our travel affiliates combine the treatment with a memorable holiday which they customize according to your travel preferences.


Day Care Procedure

Our experience for over 28 years has allowed us to streamline the process smoothly within the shortest time.

All the major eye treatment procedures are pre-planned to meet the convenience of patients from abroad who have time constraints.

A patient can fly to Mumbai in the morning and same day evening eye care checkup and necessary eye investigation can be initiated. If any surgical intervention is required then the next day blood tests and other necessary eye investigations will be performed.

Surgery is planned within a day or 2 after the arrival of patient to Mumbai. Patient can be discharged the same day globally we call it as Lunch hour procedure.

All major eye treatments involve very minimum post operative care and patient can resume back to all their normal activity within 24 hours post surgery.

Keeping in mind International Standard treatments we assure that patients need not have to stay in Mumbai for more than 4 to 5 days including their pre and post surgery checkups (some cases the period of treatment differs). Patients can travel back to their country after 2 days of surgery with final followup checkup with the treating surgeon.

Utmost Care and Safe Procedure

We make sure the procedures are done keeping patient safety and comfort in mind. Our clinic offers a very clean and comfortable environment. The examinations are done by internationally Certified Surgeons and Optometrists.

Our Eye surgeons and professional staff will provide private one-on-one treatment and will support you every step of the way.

Travel, Visa and Forex Assistance

India offers visa on arrival and e-visa facilities to many countries including Major Middle East Countries like UAE, Oman etc. Many African countries and East Asian Countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan etc.

We can help you connect with an IATA certified Travel Agency who is on our panel which can take care of all your travel requirements as may be required by you.

Forex Services are also offered by certified Travel and Forex Agencies located nearby.

Transport Facilities

Mumbai has a well connected Taxi Service including Public Taxi Services which are available as a prepaid service at the airport. Basic to Premium Fleet Taxi Services too are available for hire on prior requests Tel. No’s and Details can be made available from our travel desk / clinic.

Hotel and Accommodation

In addition to, well-appointed patient rooms, Rushabh has on its panel comfortable 3, 4 & 5 star hotels and Service Apartments with excellent rooms and suites to suit your taste and budget which our travel agent can assist you for the same.