Glaucoma Evaluation with Gonioscopy

by / Wednesday, 14 September 2016 / Published in Gonioscopy

Gonioscopy is an essential part of glaucoma evaluation of a patient suspected to have glaucoma. Patients with Narrow Angles are surprisingly quite common in Indian scenario.

They may either have Narrow Angles with high Intraocular pressures or just may be suspects. Primary Angle closure responds extremely well to Yag Laser Iridotomy, done in the early stages before peripheral Anterior synechiae (PAS) set in. Once PAS set in the patient can be treated by Topical medications or may also need Anti glaucoma surgery to protect the optic nerve.

Doing a prophylactic yag Iridotomy in the fellow eye is of utmost importance. This is usually done at the same sitting. It has proven benefits and may alleviate the need of drops altogether in this eye there by preventing glaucoma. So Gonioscopy helps us to differentiate between Narrow Angles and Open Angles, which in turn helps us decide the correct modality of Treatment for Glaucoma i.e. Laser, Topical Medications or Surgery.

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