When you have a disease that can blind you, you can’t afford to have misunderstandings and partial facts. At Rushabh Eye Hospital and Laser Center Our Doctors takes lots of time to explainhow to manage your condition and understand how it affects your vision and your eyes.

Know What Our Patients Say About Us

Very Good, The Doctors and the attendants helped in every aspects of the treatment.  I would recommend this hospital to all looking for eye treatment.

R. Das
Retina patient

I am very happy and Thankfull to Dr. Trupati Mongia and her staff because they give new vision of life.  They handled me with extreme care and comfort.

Mr. Prafulla B
Lasik Patient

The whole experience right from pre lasik to the post lasik was wonderful.  The staffs and doctors are great.

Mr. Pritam
Lasik Patient

My vision is perfectly normal.  I myself would not believe that this can actually happen.  Even the staff is too good and very friendly.  My special thanks for each and everyone out there.

Lasik Patient