Cataract and Refractive Lens surgery

Cataract is usually caused by an ageing process in the eye which leads to reduction in the quality and quantity of your vision. We, at Rushabh Eye Hospital can help you restore your vision by offering the best surgical treatment options available.

What is cataract?

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens and is the most common cause of preventable blindness worldwide. The lens acts like the focusing system which focusses light onto the retina . with age, when it starts becoming cloudy, it obstructs the passage of light and the quality of vision begins to deteriorate. This affects the quality of day to day activities. Most people develop cataract in their 50’s, but some may develop it even sooner.

Other risk factors which contribute to cataract formation are trauma, infection, inflammation, steroid use , Diabetes , previous eye surgery, excessive exposure to sunlight ( UV-B radiation), genetic abnormalities.

What are the symptoms of cataract ?

  • Cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, or filmy vision.
  • Changes in the way you see colors.
  • Problems driving at night because headlights seem too bright.
  • Problems with glare from lamps or the sun.
  • Frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription.
  • Double vision

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have a cataract.

Know more about Cataract

How fast does it grow ?

It is not always possible to predict the rate of growth of a cataract. While they usually develop in both eyes, one eye may be affected before the other. It is important to maintain follow ups as advised by your eye doctor to monitor the growth of cataract.

Can Cataract be Prevented ?

Presently, there are no methods to prevent the development of age related cataracts. Since it usually occurs due to age-related changes in the eye, it is a good idea for everyone over 50 to get their eyes checked regularly once a year.

I have been detected with cataract. What should be my next step ?

After a thorough check-up, if you are diagnosed as having a cataract, you will be advised by your eye doctor about the cataract removal procedure and the various lens options available along with the necessary post-operative care required.

What if I want to delay the surgery by some time?

In case if you do not wish to undergo surgery at that time, you will be given the right guidance about how long you can wait and what care to be taken during the waiting period.
However, you should note that cataracts cause progressive deterioration of vision and as the cataract matures you will eventually be able to differentiate only light from darkness and not identify objects. It can also lead to further complications and difficulties during surgery.

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