Astigmatism Correction during Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism is the cylindrical component of the shape and number of the eye. If you are planning a cataract surgery and have high astigmatism, you may require to correct this in addition to the conventional spherical power Intraocular Lens. These lenses are called TORIC LENSES.  Toric Lenses are available in Monofocal as well as Multifocal varieties to be used during cataract surgery.

They correct the cylindrical power in addition to the spherical power of the eye, thus giving more clarity in vision to the patient. If the cylindrical power is left uncorrected, the person may require glasses to improve clarity in vision even after removal of the cataract.

Toric IOL


Cataract Treatment at Rushabh Eye Hospital, Mumbai

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Astigmatism Correction

Vision with and Without Cataract

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