Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplasty is a specialised branch of Ophthalmology that deals with injuries around the eye, lid related problems, tear drainage related problems, cancers of the eye and around the eye and all the cosmetic concerns around the eyes.



  • Canalicular Tear:Tear of the tube carrying tears can be repaired by inserting a canalicular stent

Canalicular Tear

Lid Problems:

Ptosis or Drooping of the eyes



Orbital cancers Any growth in the space around the eye can push the eye to any side of forwards infront. The treatment of these lesions would be determined by the size, type and location of the mass.

Ocular surface cancers Some cancers are found on the surface of the eye. These can be removed and treated further with drops.

Lid cancers Any new growth on the eyelids or increase in size of a previously existing growth needs evaluation. Treatment will depend on the size, type and location of the growth.


Artificial Eye:

Removal of the eye could be essential in some cancers of the eye (eg. Retinoblastoma, Melanoma, etc.) or in non-seeing eyes for cosmetic reasons.


Cosmetic Concerns:

Botox: Botulinium toxin A injections can be used to reduce the wrinkling on certain parts of the face for a more clear and youthful look.

Blepheroplasty Are eyebags, loose overhanging skin troubling you? These can be corrected easily.


Tear drainage related problems:

Naso-lacrimal duct Obstruction (NLDO):There is a tube that normally takes water from the eyes to the nose. Blockage of this tube can cause watering. An alternative opening can be made to create a bypass passage for the tears.