We offer Oculoplastic Eye Surgery

Oculoplasty is a specialised branch of Ophthalmology that deals with injuries around the eye, lid related problems, tear drainage related problems, cancers of the eye and around the eye and all the cosmetic concerns around the eyes.

Oculoplasty Hospital

What is oculoplasty

Oculoplasty deals with injuries around the eye, eyelid related problems, cancers of the eye, cosmetic concerns of the eye, artificial eye, problems concerning tear drainage and watering for eyes and diseases of the area around the eye (orbit).

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Naso Lacrimal Duct Obstruction

Tear Drainage Related problems

Naso-lacrimal duct Obstruction (NLDO):There is a tube that normally takes water from the eyes to the nose. Blockage of this tube can cause watering. An alternative opening can be made to create a bypass passage for the tears.

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Lid Problems

Common eyelid problems include: Ptosis or drooping or eyelids, Entropion or inward turning of eyelashes and Ectropion or outward turning of eyelashes.

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Eye Injuries Hospital


Any form injury, varying from blunt trauma to injury with a sharp object or injury from organic matter (like branch of tree, etc.) would require immediate attention.

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Eye Cosmetic Hospital

Cosmetic Concerns

Are wrinkles or skin hooding or eye bags troubling you? Do you look tired or older for your age? Its time for a little cosmetic modification that can substantially change the way you look. The little whitish/ yellow discolouration along your eyelids can easily be treated. Then why live with it. Eyes are the first part of the face people notice. Then why not look the best!

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Eye Cancer Hospital


Eye Cancer could involve the eyelids, ocular surface, eye tissues (intra-ocular) and orbit (space around the eye). Investigation, Diagnostic method, Prognosis and Treatment of each is different and best left to the discretion of the treating doctor.

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Artificial Eye Hospital

Artificial Eye

The world need not know what is within! A non-seeing eye or an eye which has been removed can be easily concealed with an artificial eye or prosthesis.

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