Cosmetic Concerns

Are wrinkles or skin hooding or eye bags troubling you? Do you look tired or older for your age? Its time for a little cosmetic modification that can substantially change the way you look. The little whitish/ yellow discolouration along your eyelids can easily be treated. Then why live with it. Eyes are the first part of the face people notice. Then why not look the best!

Wrinkles around the eyes like frown lines, crow-feet, forehead lines, bunny lines can all be treated by small and simple injections of botulinium toxin. Further eye enhancement by correcting under eye hallows, correcting naso-labial folds and minimal facelift can be done using fillers.

Upper eyelid skin hooding and prolapse of fat is easily corrected by procedure called blepharoplasty. Most of the times these are for cosmetic enhancement of the face but at times, these may interfere with temporal field of vision and correction becomes a functional indication.

Lower eyelid bags are common findings not just in elderly but also in younger individuals. Correction is not possible through a hidden approach from the inner aspect of the eye which avoid an outer skin incision.

With newer and easier treatment modalities, come lets change the way we look.