Choroidal Melanoma

The retina is like the film in a camera. It is the seeing tissue of the eye. When the focused light hits the retina, a picture is created and sent to the brain through the optic nerve (the nerve of the eye), thus giving us vision.

Retina has two parts: The peripheral retina and central Macula. Macula being the central part is capable of producing sharp and clear image. These clear images enable us to read, write and do all fine work.

Conditions like Diabetes, Age related Macular degeneration and Macular holes can damage retina.

Retina department at Rushabh in Mumbai, India is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies required to diagnose and treat retinal diseases.


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Specialize in curing the most complex conditions related to eyes and guarantee a positive change in your life after the treatment, Clear Eye care services to everyone with affordable expense, which will be matched new technology with high quality products which must exeed market trends.

  • LASIK surgery
  • PRK surgery
  • Eye examination
  • vision testing for glasses and contacts Lens
  • Cataract & Refractive


Retina Clinic
Retina Clinic


The cornea is the transparent layer of the front surface of the eye. This is the surgical removal of the diseased cornea and the implantation of a healthy donor corneal tissue velit esse cillum.

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