Charitable Eye Care at Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center

A mission towards good Vision for all

“To see is the right of every human being and no one should remain blind for lack of simple delivery of eye care”

Rushabh is dedicated to each patient we serve regardless of their financial status and ability to pay. Each year we serve numerous patients with limited financial resources. Rushabh has a long legacy of helping those in the community unable to have access to eye care either due to economic or geographic constraints. We believe in providing these services at a subsidized cost to needy patients while maintaining the standards of quality and expertise. These needy people are then able to get back to a more productive life benefiting them and society.

Our Charitable Care Program has Three Services :

Community outreach camps reach out to people who are suffering from poor vision but are not able to have access to quality eye care – The camps take place in an area identified by social workers. These patients are examined and brought to the hospital for any further treatment that they might require.

School Screening Program – we examine and check up school going children in an environment that they are familiar with in their own schools. This helps detect eye problems at an earlier stage, ensuring good vision for these young children. Teachers are also educated on how to identify eye problems in children.

In-house Charity Services – Needy patients, poor employees of patients at Rushabh and other non-affording patients benefit from this Program as we help them access to the most advanced eye care, but at highly subsidized rates. If you wish to have access to these services for anyone deserving the same, we will be happy to assist you.

Rushabh also regularly organizes Eye Care Events for Senior Citizens, Educational Seminars, and Community Eye Awareness Program to facilitate Eye Care Awareness in Society.

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