Tear sac inflammation and Chalazion

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In a normal eye, a sac called the naso-lacrimal sac or a duct, drains tears from our eyes to our nose. Blockage of this sac is among the commonest causes for eyes watering. If left unattended, tears collect in the sac, and infect it. The symptoms are pain, swelling and redness in the area of the sac and the lower lid. It is confirmed by something called “sac syringing” during which this blockage is injected with physiological serum through the opening of the sac near the eyes (punctum).

If the fluid easily and completely empties in the nose, the path is considered potent. Amount of regurgitation of fluid can be documented by the doctor to determine if there is a partial or complete blockage and to determine the site of blockage. Surgical correction by creating an alternative passage for drainage of the fluid from the sac to the nose is the definitive treatment.


This is a localized swelling of the eyelids. It occurs due to an obstruction at the opening of glands that are present in the eyelids.

Medically, an ointment and hot fomentation can be administered to treat it. Surgically, the cyst can be removed at any timem which becomes essential in long-standing cases. This removal is means of an incision on the conjunctival aspect to avoid a skin incision.

In cases of repeated chalazia at the same location, an oculoplastic surgeon’s opinion must be sought.

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