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Lasik Testimonials  
   I am very happy  with  the  results and now I am encouraging  my friends to get LASIK done.
   Ten minutes of being in the laser room and a lifetime of happiness.
 Vinita Babra - 31 yrs, Mktg Executive,  Australia
    I was  a bit  scared initially  but  the surgery was  painless and  now I see  clearly than I did  
     before with  contacts. It  is  a  relief  to  not  be  dependent  on  glasses  and  lenses and  I  
     experienced Normal vision.
  Deepak Kirpane - 22 yrs, Student, Mumbai
  It  was wonderful and the vision is totally regained. Initially one should have seem me. I  
   was so scared but after the laser now life has changed totally. I think every person who  
 wears glasses and lenses & is looking forward to having normal  vision should consider
   Lasik. Thanks to all the Doctors & the staff they were really helpful.
Savitri Podal - 34 yrs, House wife, Navi Mumbai.
  I  am  feeling  wonderful today. I could  see everything with my bare eyes. On the day of my  
    procedure I  got a good V.I.P. treatment   over  here. Staff and  doctors  are  excellent  and  
  very   co-operative. I   wanted   to   specially   thank Dr. Savita,  Dr. Jayant and Dr. Tripti  for
    bearing  me. I had so many questions and  all were answered patiently. Thank you for this  
    gift of Normal Eye sight.
 J. Soyanya - 19 years, Student, Mumbai.
  After  the  Lasik surgery I  feel much better than before doing it. I see the wall clock clearly  
    when I  wake  up in  the  Morning, unlike  earlier  where  I  would  search  for  my  glasses  
    to be  able to do that. I am  satisfied and feel very thankful for moral support. The Doctors  
  here made this miracle come true.
Nutan Chaudhari - 21 yrs, Software Engineering Student, Bhiwandi, Mumbai.

  I had Epi-Lasik done on 27 / 12 / 06. I had a high glass power & Rushabh is the only center

    in Mumbai  specializing  in the Epi-lasik  procedure for high  power. Great ! It's  like a dream  
    come true. Please keep the good job going. Thanks and Best wishes.
Nithya Satish - 20 yrs, Student, USA.

  Very good. The doctors are very helpful and helped in all aspects of the Lasik treatment.

    I recommend Lasik to all those who would like to get rid of glasses.  
  This Hospital takes care of you.
Rajesh Das - 27 yrs, Software Professional, Panvel.
   Wonderful experience, New, initially scared, but everyone was and is very helpful.  
     Thank you !
Mitul Shah - 21 yrs, Mulund, Mumbai.

  Experience about lasik - It was very  good, now I can  see very well. All doctors are very

    helpful and very co-operative. My eye sight is very clear now than before. I really  
    Thank all of you.
Disha Tank - 24 yrs, Recruitment Executive, Mumbai.
  Overall a nice experience. The team of doctors is very helpful and encouraging.  
    Thankyou !
Zubin Kuvadia - 22 yrs, Engineering Student , USA.
  Good & Great Experience, Everyone was very good. The staff is also very good and helpful  
    helpful encouraging and always spreading love and happiness. Thankyou !
Naseem Khan - 20 Yrs, Merchant Navy Cadet, Mumbai.
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