Do I need to consult an eye specialist? Isn’t it enough to get numbers checked by an Optician?

Opticians check your eye power (refractive error) and prescribe glasses.  But there is more to it! Simply checking numbers and prescribing glasses is not enough. A comprehensive examination is very essential to diagnose common and uncommon eye problems.

One of them is Glaucoma.  Unfortunately the patient experiences no warning symptoms whatsoever due to the disease.  It is said to be a silent killer of vision.  A basic eye check-up can make ophthalmologist suspicious of glaucoma in a patient.  A series of tests is then advised to diagnose Glaucoma.

At times it may not be possible to arrive at a conclusion in the first test.  The tests are then repeated to reach a conclusion for proper diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a lifelong disease.  Regular follow ups with strict adherence to medications is extremely important to prevent irreversible blindness.  Advised by the treating physician.

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