Blade free Lasik

Laser Vision correction or Lasik takes you from wearing glasses or contact lenses to clear natural vision in a matter of minutes.

Lasik at Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center Pvt. Ltd. is done using one of the most technologically advanced and state of the art VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser Systems. The first and only Lasik machine in Mumbai to offer Custom vision correction with Iris Registration, giving patients the chance to achieve exceptional visual clarity. This Laser System can treat spectacle numbers from +6.0 to -14.0 with exceptional accuracy & safety. This is the most preferred technology for refractive surgeries in the USA & worldwide. This technology is superlative in term of laser delivery & clinical outcomes aimed at giving you better & sharper vision than with glasses & contact lenses.


Our Special

Specialize in curing the most complex conditions related to eyes and guarantee a positive change in your life after the treatment, Clear Eye care services to everyone with affordable expense, which will be matched new technology with high-quality products which must exceed market trends.

  • LASIK surgery
  • PRK surgery
  • Eye examination
  • vision testing for glasses and contacts Lens
  • Cataract & Refractive


Wavefront Lasik surgery
Wavefront Lasik surgery


The cornea is the transparent layer of the front surface of the eye. This is the surgical removal of the diseased cornea and the implantation of a healthy donor corneal tissue velit esse cillum.