Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is a great alternative for myopia vision correction that does not involve removing eye tissue. For those patients with very thin corneas or extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness, this lens implant can be an excellent option to correct vision without the use of glasses or contacts. While ICL can be a permanent correction for your myopia vision, the lens can be removed or replaced should your vision needs change.Vision is often described as ultra-high definition

How does it work ?

The ICL is an implantable lens that works with the natural lens of your eye to improve your vision. During the procedure, the lens is inserted between your iris and your natural lens thru a tiny incision that usually does not require any stitches. This way it is invisible and cannot be seen from the outside.

It stays in the eye, thus obviating the need for daily use and removal as in contact lens users.

Why ICL ?

The ICL can correct between -3 and up to -20 Dioptres of myopia and is particularly useful in eyes not suitable for Laser procedures such as thin corneas, Keratoconus, or dry eyes who have a high refractive error.

Patients with astigmatism can also be candidates for this procedure.

What are the advantages of ICL over Laser Treatment of the cornea (LASIK) ?

  • It’s a reversible procedure and does not involve burning of corneal tissue.
  • It is a great option to restore vision in those with very high numbers
  • It preserves the accommodation of the natural lens and does not hamper near vision.
  • This advanced lens implant contains a UV blocker that prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye. And because your cornea tissue has not been affected by this procedure, dry eye will not be an issue.

The implantation of this lens requires a detailed evaluation. Ask our Doctors for more details on the same.

How long does the ICL last ?

ICL implantation is done only after a thorough examination and after ensuring a stable refraction for atleast 1 year. The ICL once placed, remains in the eye until its removal is indicated. Over the age of 50, when one starts developing a cataract and if it causes a drop in vision, the ICL can be easily removed along with the cataract at the time of cataract surgery to facilitate implantation of an artificial lens.

Does the ICL move inside the eye ?

At Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Centre, we perform a detailed pre-operative evaluation to ensure the accurate sizing and power of the ICL. This ensures that it does not move in the eye after implantation.

How fast is the visual recovery after the surgery ?

At our centre, visual recovery after ICL implantation is rapid. You will regain normal vision within the first week . Routine activities may be performed after a gap of 2 days .

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