Treatment of Injuries

Small eyelid tears can be treated conservatively with local and systemic medications.

Larger injuries would require immediate suturing and reconstruction.
Adequate apposition of eyelid margins and suturing the eyelid in multiple layers results in good outcomes.

It is also imperative to manage associated injuries during surgery.

Restoring the medial or lateral canthal tendons, if avulsed is of utmost importance to restore normal eyelid structure and function.

Canalicular tears may be associated in cases of injuries along the medial aspect of eyelids. These need recanalization with canalicular tubes.

Orbital injuries could vary from orbital hematomas to fractures of orbital bones.

Orbital fractures management varies depending on type of fracture. Timing of repair is of utmost importance. Fractures with muscle entrapment would require immediate correction. Others might require initial systemic medications and repair after 6 weeks to 3 months. Fracture repair is done with a variety of materials. Commonly used materials are: Silastic sheets, Porous Polyethylene, Titanium and Bone grafts.